• Image of Battlefields - Thresholds of Imbalance CD

TL33-2 - Art Metal / Doom / Blackened-Death

Track Listing:
1. Disacknowledge
2. Stasis
3. Blueprint
4. Approaching
5. The Thresholds
6. Of Imbalance
7. Quake and Flood
8. Nibiru
9. Majestic

Recorded at The Devil's Workshop in Minnesota and mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance Audio.

Hailing from the depths of Minnesota and Fargo-North Dakota, BATTLEFIELDS have been touring relentlessly for the last three years and accruing massive accolades for their brutally honest music and astounding live performances. BATTLEFIELDS have definitely stepped up to the plate and created an instant classic in "Thresholds of Imbalance" that encompasses a new direction in extreme and epic mind-expansive music.

What folks have been saying about BATTLEFIELDS:

"Battlefields segues between gnashing metal and layers of lo-fi atmosphere. With the addition of tasteful samples and puncturing screams, it's undeniable that Battlefields are headed in an impressive direction." Decibel Magazine

"The missing link between ISIS and CONVERGE, their brutal hardcore-infused-doom metal is as head-explodingly heavy and visceral as it is soothing and cerebral." - MetalInjection.net

"With nods toward the stratified ambience of Red Sparowes and the hellacious mathiness of Converge, Minnesota's Battlefields straddles dreaminess and despair with equally vicious grace"-The Onion

"Expect big things from these guys in the future." - Lambgoat.com

"This is how the end of the world should sound." - Mammoth Press