• Image of City of Ships - Look What God Did To Us CD

TL35-2 - Rock, Indie, Alternative

Track Listing:
1. Wraiths In Flight
2. Spring Tiger
3. Praise Feeder
4. Grand Contour
5. March of the Slaves
6. Welcome to Earth
7. Silver Anniversary
8. Complacence in the Nest
9. Grandfather Paradox
10. The Star in the East

Recorded at Translator Audio in Brooklyn, NY by Andrew Schneider (Pelican, Made Out of Babies, Unsane) and mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance Audio (Bloodhorse, Battlefields, Pelican).

What folks are saying about CITY OF SHIPS:

"Pounding bass lines and quirky rhythms and structures that almost have a math metal sort of vibe, but there's also a constant flow of all kinds of incredibly tactful "post-" influences, from lush clean passages and swirling, spacey effects to noisier layers of intense guitar work. I'm really fuckin' impressed by this material. Excellent." Aversionline.com

"The group's frenetic energy and obvious emotional stake in the music which they play is simultaneously impressive and inspiring." Scenepointblank.com

"Amidst the ocean of droney post-rock, post-hardcore clones, there are only a couple bands that catch my attention. City of Ships had me hooked from beginning to end." - Razorcake

"This takes me back to a time of discovering exciting new sounds in the underground scene that really blew minds, from Kerosene 454 to Ethel Meserve, bands unhindered by genre and expressing endless enthusiasm for just playing great music. City of Ships are hard to describe and easy to enjoy, both great things." - Exclaim Magazine