• Image of Empty Flowers - Six CD

1.) Resonate
2.) Six
3.) Just Being Pushed
4.) Ice on Wings
5.) Call a Priest
6.) Police
7.) Satellite Rust

Comes housed in a tip-on style gatefold CD jacket that's been decorated with a matt varnish flood and spot uv gloss.

The quartet, which features current and former members of bands such as Cable, Zodiak and Balboa, plays dynamic “unadulterated rock” that has drawn comparison to a wide range of noisians including Fugazi, Failure, Slint and Hum while being praised for its multifaceted sound that perfectly combines both melodic and noise rock elements with the haunting vocals of amply bearded frontman Christian McKenna (who comes off like underground music’s answer to John the Baptist).

The record was recorded by Keith Souza and Seth Manchester at Rhode Island’s Machines with Magnets multimedia arts facility (Battles, Six Finger Satellite, Lightning Bolt) and boasts cover art from visual designer Jason Hellmann (Jesu, Pelican).

On this record, Empty Flowers were:
Christian McKenna (vocals), Randy Larsen (guitar), Bernie Romanowski (bass) and Drew Juergens (drums).