• Image of Giant Squid - Cenotes CD

"It's heavy and foreboding, but folkloric and didactic in its storytelling — a Jules Verne for headbangers' row. Oceanic descriptors aside (and to be expected), Giant Squid fully inhabits this realm, shifting through moments of tumult with grace in just five songs and 35 minutes." - NPR.org

"...yet another gorgeous offering by one of the most adventurous and unique bands in music today--music, not just metal.", "9/10" - lastrit.es (formerly metalreview.com)

"It’s nice to know a band such as Giant Squid always can be depended on to move me musically and spiritually." - metalmeadmetal.com

"From the pattering drums and mountain-leveling guitars to the sweet, melodic violin and the chant-like vocals, both guiding songs from titanic sludge to pensive ambience, each element is impressive, but it is the way that they flow together, perfectly complementing one another into a vital, organic whole, that makes Cenotes truly remarkable." - REVOLVER Magazine

"Somber, slow, and ominous. Just the way experimental metal should sound, a fluid integration of multiple influences despite their inherent variations. Now that’s craft! Giant Squid: alpha predator of the 2011 best metal album seas? No questions there." - orlandoom.com
released October 26, 2011

Engineered, mixed, produced by Matt Bayles
Mastered by Ed Brooks
Composed by Giant Squid
Lyrics by Aaron John Gregory
Album art by Aaron John Gregory