• Image of Giant Squid - Minoans CD


2014, Translation Loss Records

San Francisco progressive doom-rock scientists, GIANT SQUID, have been wielding palatial vocals and enormous waves of cello, keys, and exotic sludge riffs for over ten years, garnering universal critical acclaim from all over the world. Marine biology and natural history metaphorically collide with heartbreaking stories of historic human tragedy; resulting in some of the most unexpectedly emotional and sincere music being made today in any underground scene. Cherished by a cult following of fans, GIANT SQUID has maintained and nurtured their fierce originality for over a decade, while still remaining relevant and tactful in the expert execution of their art.

Their fifth studio album, MINOANS sees the avant-garde band at their most refined, focused, and vital, as they fully embrace their Mediterranean leanings and lyrically excavate one of the earliest civilizations known to history; examining how the aquatic demise of these ancient proto-Greek people may foretell our own.

MINOANS is crushingly heavy, exotically beautiful, and unapologetically musical; GIANT SQUID's finest hour to date.

Engineered and mixed completely analog by Tim Green (Melvins, Red Sparrows, Karp, Fucking Champs)