• Image of Irepress - Sol Eye Sea I 2xLP
  • Image of Irepress - Sol Eye Sea I 2xLP

TL31-1 - Art Metal / Rock / Progressive

Track Listing:
1. Diaspora
2. Rhintu
3. Barrageo
4. Daniel Sen
5. Cyette Phiur
6. Fletchie
7. Adeluge'
8. Billy
9. Entanglement

Recorded at Strangeways Recording Studios with Daryl Rabidoux (The Cancer Conspiracy, Piebald) and mastered by Mick Mullin at Super8 Studios (Mastodon, Intronaut, Rosetta, High On Fire, Fight Amp)

"Sol Eye Sea I" is the awe-inspiring result of true musical pioneers carving out a path of originality from their diverse palette of influences. Fusing the likes of extreme / progressive rock and metal with the likes of R&B and electronic sound-scapes allows IREPRESS to truly expand their own niche in the world arena of progressive music. Without a doubt, this is going to be one of the most original, experimental and outstanding records of 2009!

Vinyl Color Breakdown:
1st Pressing - 1000 total:
3 colors total:

1st Color:
color(s): Solid Purple w/ Yellow
style: Swirl
amount: 100

2nd Color:
color(s): Solid Orange and White
style: Splatter
amount: 400

3rd Color:
color(s): Solid Yellow and Solid Green
style: Splatter
amount: 500