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*This is a Preorder, as the release comes out August 25th. We will ship these as soon as they are in hand, which should be at least a week before street date. If you order anything else with this preorder, your entire order will be held until everything is ready to ship.

LEDGE, the solo project spawned from frenetic frontman John Hoffman (Weekend Nachos, Spine) unleashes its crushing full length debut entitled "Cold Hard Concrete". Eight blistering tracks of pure sonic vitriol coalescing doom-laden, blackened hardcore and sludgy despair with chaotic bouts of powerviolence and traditional death metal all tied together with Hoffman's now signature vocal styling and lethal lyrical content. Hoffman, in true DIY spirit, brazenly took the helm of all drum, bass and vocal duties adding a level of uncompromising ferociousness to the release which is not just heard, but felt oozing throughout the entire sonic experience.

***"Cold Hard Concrete" was printed on an 8 page booklet and tray card!

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