• Image of Mouth of the Architect - Quietly CD

TL30-2 - Metal / Doom / Art Metal


Track Listing:
1. Quietly
2. Hate And Heartache
3. Pine Boxes
4. Guilt And The Like
5. Generation Of Ghosts
6. Rocking Chairs And Shotguns
7. Medicine
8. A Beautiful Corpse

Alex Vernon - Guitars and vocals
Steve Brooks - Guitars
Kevin Schindel - Bass
Jason Watkins - Keyboards / organs / samples / vocals
Dave Mann - Drums

Recorded at Red Room Recording by Chris Common (Mastodon, These Arms Are Snakes) and mastered by Ed Brooks and RFI.

Art and design and photography by Faith Coloccia

Vocal guest appearance on "Generation of Ghosts" from Julie Christmas of Made Out Of Babies (The End Records / Neurot)