• Image of Stinking Lizaveta - 7th Direction CD


01 The Seventh Direction 4:18
02 View From The Moon 4:23
03 Moral Hazard 3:52
04 Dark Matter 2:12
05 The Space Between Us 4:25
06 Z 5:11
07 Burning Sea Turtles 3:24
08 One To The Head 3:14
09 American Dream (CD only) 2:48
10 Ten Thousand Hours 4:06
11 Stray Bullet (CD only) 5:34
12 Democracy vs. The Machine 3:19
13 Johnny Otis 4:42

Stinking Lizaveta are an instrumental trio that play riff filled songs with the true spirit of rock and roll. Each tune they have is a journey, a story in your own words.

Stinking Lizaveta grew up in the 1980’s D.C. music scene, formed in 1994 in the basements of West Philadelphia. This progressive instrumental trio have gone from strength to strength in the rock world. Over the last eighteen years the band have released seven albums and two E.P’s , shared stages round the world with the likes of Clutch, C.O.C, Fugazi and The Hidden Hand. This amazing rock trio continue to wow audiences with their dazzling fretwork and hypnotising melodies.
Line Up

Members: Yanni Papadopoulos – Guitars.

Alexi Papadopoulos - Upright electric bass.

Cheshire Augusta- Drums.