• Image of Empty Flowers - Four CD

Empty Flowers resides in various places along the east coast and consists of members from Connecticut's long running noise rockers Cable and Philadelphia's lo-fi drone soundscape makers Hex Inverter.

Along the way they have been compared to the likes of Lungfish, Slint and Unwound. Now the band readies their latest release entitled “Four”. The record encapsulates the band’s strongest and most varied work to date and features guest contributions from members of Starkweather, Whore Paint and singer-songwriter Jennifer O'Conner who has written music for the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black and the FX series Sons of Anarchy.

"A pile-up of wild and heavy ideas — bass-rattling post-punk, storm-bringing post-rock, and sharply honed post-hardcore, with lyrics that zoom in on minute details in order illustrate the bigger scene." - SPIN

"The music they make definitively harkens back at least two decades—when the term indie rock felt a lot less amorphous, when rich regional scenes formed in the most surprising places." - PITCHFORK