• Image of Rosetta - The Galilean Satellites 5xLP DELUXE Boxset

This is the DELUXE 5xLP Boxset version of Rosetta's "The Galilean Satellites" Vinyl Reissue, limited to 250 copies, and is a one time press.

"The Galilean Satellites" is being presented as a deluxe 5xLP boxset that comes on an exclusive color for each 2xLP Set and includes an additional 5th bonus LP containing song from the same "TGS" time frame that were never before pressed on vinyl, housed in a gorgeous box!

2xLP Set 1 Exclusive Boxset Color
Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver Half and Half (Housed in the same 2xLP set 1 Jacket within the box)

2xLP Set 2 Exclusive Boxset Color
Highlighter Yellow and Baby Blue Half and Half (Housed in the same 2xLP set 2 Jacket within the box)

DLX Exclusive Boxset 3rd LP Color
Highlighter Yellow and Silver Half and Half (DLX LP is housed in a poly-lined Black Dust sleeve within the Box)

ALL Boxsets come with a download slip for the entire record!

**PLEASE BE AWARE** This is a new configuration of TGS, in which each track’s musical component (Sides A and B) are accompanied by its corresponding ambient counterpart (Sides C and D) in the same package for each 2xLP set.

NEW 2xLP Set 1 Track Listing

A/B (Musical portion)
1 Départe
2 Europa
3 Absent

C/D (ambient counterpart tracks to tracks above)
4 Deneb
5 Capella
6 Beta Aquilae

NEW 2xLP Set 2 Track Listing

A/B (Musical portion)
1 Itinérant
2 Au Pays Natal

C/D (ambient counterpart tracks to tracks above)
3 Ross 128

*No longer is there an musical record and an ambient record, the two versions have been packaged together in this new arrangement.

DLX 3rd LP Track Listing
Side A - Au Pays Natal - Acoustic Version
Side B - The Nomad