• Image of Ultha - Pain Cleanses Every Doubt CD

ULTHA's debut record “Pain Cleanses Every Doubt” features four epic songs of dark, moody Black
Metal somewhere between the traditional Scandinavian school and a more contemporary US-Black Metal approach. The four songs (running a total of forty minutes) often vary in speed and mood, yet always functioning as one massive entity with the constant feel of urging darkness being present. This darkness manifests in the omnipresent melodies which lure the listener in combined with the sophisticated, metaphor ridden lyrics about melancholia, depression, doubt and anti-religious believes. Featuring members of the now defunct PLANKS (Southern Lord) and other prominent German metal / hardcore / Grind bands, “Pain Cleanses Every Doubt” was recorded in the bands rehearsal space only a few months after the band's first rehearsal, but the quality of the music and the recording represent a highly seasoned approach in songwriting and far exceed that of a band’s initial outing. There is a fine balance of a cold, rough feel to a full and heavy sound, embodied in a very mature songwriting for such a young band.

RIYL: Deathspell Omega, MGLA, Blaze of Perdition, Svartidaudi, Leviathan, Nightbringer