• Image of Vision Of Disorder - Razed To The Ground Cassette

Translation Loss is extremely proud and excited to announce that we're working with Candlelight Records to release the cassette version of VISION OF DISORDER's new record "Razed to the Ground"!

This limited edition cassette is limited to 150 units!

VOD have been and continue to be one of the most ground breaking hardcore / metal hybrid bands of our time. Being a long time fan of the band, I can't really express how excited we are to help release this Cassette version of the new record!

One of the most innovative and widely admired bands to emerge from the collision between hardcore and metal, Vision Of Disorder exploded from the streets of Long Island in 1996. “Vision Of Disorder took a much needed baseball bat to the head of stagnant hardcore,” noted Decibel when describing the band’s unique sound. Twenty three years on from their formation, the band continues to deliver a heady brew of savage riffing and fearless proclamations that merge their sonic past with new vitality.

Razed To The Ground was recorded at Frankie Nasso's Staten Island-based Nova Studios. It was produced by Zeuss (Hatebreed, Demon Hunter, Rob Zombie) and features striking artwork by english musician/illustrator Daniel P. Carter (HIM).